February 21 10:00am-12:00pm 
Power Success Coaching Workshop


February 23 6:30pm-9:00pm 
Get Unstuck Workshop


March 7 10:00am-12:00pm 
Couples Workshop


March 2810:00am-12:00pm  
Parents Workshop



Coming Dec 2008 & Jan 2009!!

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Discover Yourself

In order to achieve success, organizations and individuals must have clearly defined paths providing a balanced existence so you walk your path with confidence and conviction. Most typically also require an accountability partner to help them along he way. Someone who will be there for you through thick and thin helping to ensure you keep moving. Imagine Yourself doing exactly this!


Mr. McGinty is sought after to assist both organizations and individuals in discovering their path, defining their balance, and assisting them to "Breakthrough" to their success. His clients call him  "The Breakthrough Authority".  While we are all unique and different, we are all very similar.


Each has a purpose for their existence; whatever terms that is for them. This purpose must be clearly defined, understood, and internalized. What is “Your Blissful Life”?


Each seeks balance for its existence. What must each do to achieve the perfect balance that enables it to Live The Life They Love? It is this unique balance, our unique combination that differentiates us from others. Imagine the comfort of knowing that you are on a path that is right for you.


Each has a unique path to follow in order to achieve its purpose. Each must tap into it’s own unique resources and maximize them in order to achieve their purpose. What must you do to achieve?


Others will admire and be in awe of you. You walk your path with confidence and conviction because you know where you are headed.


Recognizing that each is unique, Mr. McGinty tailors programs using tools and strategies that are proven to provide results you seek.


Your will feel as if you are living a dream. You are amazed at the success you achieve. You go about everyday with a smile as wide as the sky. You constantly pinch yourself just to make sure it is real!  Your friends and family are amazed at the transition you have made and your results. They all want to know your secret!


You share your secret with those closest to you because you know the impact it will have on them!


Take it from our clients:


We don't know what we don't know!

Sometimes after my weekly meetings with Tim, I have to sit back and chuckle at how he has helped my learn to crawl, helped me learn from my falling down, and how I am strengthening my muscles to sprint in my business.

My professsional and personal growth in a short period of time has been remarkable. My initial approach to ciaching was "let's get some skills sharpened and move on". Now I can see working and profiting from a coaching realtionship with Tim for the rest of my life as at every stage I have discovered a higher potential to transcend to.

 I recommend Tim without any reservations!

Michael Akbar, President, Syntony Corporation .


"We were introduced to Mr. McGinty via the IIB network and Alpha Business Advisors roughly two years ago. During this time, we have made great progress positioning our company for continued growth while creating efficiencies and improving our customer service. Mr. McGinty assisted my brother and I in clearly defining what we want our organization to be in the future, recognize and prioritize what we needed to do to make it happen, and has held us accountable for getting it done. Additionally, we have also initiated a workforce development and accountability program. As a result, I believe that we are more effective and strategic in driving our organization forward."

Kevin Asadorian, President, Cutting Systems Inc.


“Life coaching really works! I have used other professionals in the past and have never achieved any results worth mentioning. What is mind-boggling is how easy it really was. All it really took was a few sessions, and a couple of learning tools, and I was off to the races! Words alone cannot express my gratitude for all of your help. I am now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and I am not drowning in self-pity and uncertainty. IT IS NOW PLAIN AS DAY, as to what I want out of life! And by gosh... I’m going there!”

Beverly W., N. Royalton, Oh


Tim has done an excellent job at coaching me to work “on” the company rather than “in” the company.  Prior to working with Tim we (I) had a problem looking into the future and planning the direction of the company.  Instead I was heavily involved in the day to day battles of running the company.  Tim has helped me to do a better job with delegating and working on the strategic items that will enable our company to continue for many years to come.

Bob Puls, President, Zion Industries, Inc


“Tim McGinty has been my business advisor since January 2007. He has been an incredibly valuable asset to both my businesses. His many years of business experience and ability to connect and communicate well with his clients make him an ideal coach and advisor. Tim has "been there and done that" and shares that knowledge in a generous and extremely effective manner. He has helped me become a much better business owner and I would recommend him to anyone who is serious about making themselves and their business the best they can be.” October 24, 2007"


Thank you for your unwavering energy and compassion in helping me achieve my personal and business goals! You have given me new direction in my life!”

Susan O. St. Louis, Mo


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