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Books By Timothy A. McGinty









Your Blissful Life E-Book only $5.99! 

Wake Up Live The Life You Love...Wake-Up Moments

Timothy A. McGinty co-authors this book with such leaders as Tony Robbins, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Brian Tracey, Ernie Hudson, and many others. The happiest, most successful and powerful people on earth have experienced it: the Wake Up Moment. After that moment, life was never the same. It was better. Some readers will find they have already had a Wake Up Moment, but failed to recognize its significance. One of the chapters in this book could open a door to a treasure of self-realization. Other readers will discover that they are not alone in the frustrating quest for certainty; for belief in self and trust in the future. One of these stories may shine a light on the steps to understanding and self-discovery that will prepare you for a Wake Up Moment that is, even now, waiting in the wings on the stage of your life.

ISBN-13: 978-1933063126


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Regular price is $14.95. Pre-Publication Price is $11.96!


Your Blissful Life

Do you or someone you know yearn for a blissful life? A life that focuses on true passion and fulfillment?

Well there is good news! Help has arrived!

 My latest book has just entered production and I would like to take a few minutes of your time to tell you about it.


  • Stop struggling daily and find your true passion
  • Understand where you are, why you feel like you do and how to change it
  • Let me take you by the hand and show you how – with a proven method I’ve used for years with my clients
  • Discover your dreams and find your own unique path to happiness


You can have your very own personal coach in your pocket today! Come, enjoy your journey!

ISBN-13: 978-1933063218

Available Now! Receive a 20% Special Discount when you order right now!

Regular Price is $11.95. Special  Price $9.56!

Your Blissful Life E-Book is just $5.99!


What others are saying:

The most difficult thing to achieve in life is balance.  Juggling your personal and professional pursuits while maintaining your sense of self is the ultimate achievement; one that Tim has accomplished brilliantly.  That you are reading this book must mean you too are ready for a ‘Blissful Life’. That you are reading this book also means that your teacher has now appeared.  That teacher is Timothy A. McGinty. 

Don’t just read this book, devour it!  This book had a profound effect on me.  I am sure it will have a similar effect on you.  Enjoy the process of creating your ‘blissful life’ and I look forward to hearing the wonderful stories that will no doubt be created as a result of this book. 

Warm regards,

Carl L Gould,

Author of “Blueprint for Success” and “The 7 Stages of Small Business Success”Founder and creator of CMT International; the farthest-reaching business mentoring organization in the world.

Riverdale, NJ, USA


I personally saw Tim’s level of expertise and ability to bring clarity and understanding to what drives human performance in his work with the Anthony Robbins Companies. So many of the people I work with are busy struggling to achieve a successful life, but their definition of success is often someone else’s definition; one of accumulation of wealth, power, achievement or a hundred other things motivated by a world that markets such things to all of us as the ultimate measures of “success.” Your Blissful Life holds the potential to show any reader how the pursuit of hollow, temporal or impermanent things such as these can lead us away from the true happiness that awaits us all—happiness that is captured in Tim’s approach to achieving a life not just of survival, but one of true bliss.

Jay Niblick
CEO Innermetrix Incorporated


Many of us go through life unsuccessfully searching for that elusive feeling of happiness and bliss.  Tim McGinty has revealed a step-by-step formula for evaluating each part of your life and developing a plan to achieve what few people ever find.  If you feel that part of your life is out of balance or if you have not reached your full potential, Tim gives you the steps to find true happiness.  In this book, Your Blissful Life, he reveals his personal quest for happiness and how he used this method to find it.  So it works!  However; you just can’t wish for happiness, you have to put forth an effort.  The first step is to read the book and complete the action steps at the end of each chapter.  If you really desire true bliss, you’ll find the action steps to be thought provoking and helpful.  Enjoy the journey – I did.  Thanks Tim, many people are going to live more fulfilling and happier lives because of your book.

Dr. Dennis J. Hocker, P.E.

Chairman & CEO
Genesis Capital Group, Inc.


The image of an onion has changed my life.

What kind of bizarre statement is that? And how does it possibly relate to a book on self-discovery?

I would have echoed that same sentiment over a year ago. But over a year ago, I had not yet made the decision to work with Tim McGinty as my business advisor and coach.

As you will find for yourself, reading this book, Tim likens the process of self-discovery to peeling the layers of an onion – going deeper and deeper toward the very core, the very essence of the onion, of you.

Tim has a remarkable talent for what he does. He has true empathy for his clients and it comes through in his coaching style. His energy is downright infectious and his positive outlook on life stirs deep-down dreams in our very core.

You are about to embark on a great journey… Enjoy every moment!

Kelly V. Pavlovic


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